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Rusty’s Tail Design Article on Surfline

The Squash Tail

The Squash Tail

Rusty just did a blog post over at Surfline about tail shapes.  A pretty good read that we noticed was very similar to what we had put together…  Not saying he copied us but we’re keeping an eye on you Rusty!

Seriously though it was a great article, Rusty knows a lot and we learned from his expertise.  If you want to check out the articles here are the links.

Rusty’s @ Surfline: Tail Shapes

SurfScience Version: Surfboard Tail Shapes

So what do you think?  Did we do a good job?  If you happen to know Rusty or maybe Al Merrick, let them know we’d be happy to let them write a guest article on rail shapes, rocker templates or even what they had for lunch.

TK8 & Tom Curren at the Lido

We just went to see the new surf movie  TK8 at the Lido Theater in Newport Beach.   There was some sweet surfing, but what made the night was live music played by this guy.

The Legendary Tom Curren

The Legendary Tom Curren

Not only does Tom Curren rock at surfing, but he plays a mean riff.  The band was jamming out to the surfing on screen, matching up the pacing with what was happening.  There was free food, a raffle with a brand new Double Helix board from Channel Islands and a whole bunch of swag from Fringe.  All around a pretty sweet experience.

This was the last night of the TK8 tour with live music, but if you get a chance, check it out or go buy the DVD.  Unlike the big production surf videos, this one is pretty down to earth with a lot of surfing at Rincon and So Cal beaches.  No names are dropped but you’ll see the likes of Curren, Slater and Dane among others all ripping it in fairly ordinary waves.  Makes you realize how much room for improvement there is.

Surf Without Waves

We’ve been up to some cool stuff that should be making its way to you fairly soon.  We’ve had a few interviews with surf coaches and some of the guys inventing new ways to get your surf stoke on.

We talked to the guy behind the Carveboard, Joe Gerlach. We got to try it out and we were pretty stoked on the way it rides.  Stay tuned for some new articles about surfing technology that can help you get better even when there aren’t waves.

It feels just like making huge cutbacks

We also talked to some guys making big progress on a flowrider.  This isn’t quite surfing, but hey its pretty cool right?  We’ll have more pictures on soon.


Interview with Martin Dunn

We recently did an interview with Martin Dunn who is a big deal surf coach in Australia.  (Also the father of Ben Dunn who is on the WCT tour right now)  We got so much out of the interview that we broke it down into 4 articles.  They should start popping up on the site in the next week, so check them out.  In case you forgot the address its Surf Science

Martin Dunn Surf Coach

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