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Fall Celebration At

Fall Celebration1We are so pumped that fall is here.  Mainly because it means south swell and Santa Ana winds.  So to celebrate, this week we are rolling out one new article per day.  That is 5 new articles in one week!  A lot more than our usual two a week.  And to top it all off, we will be making a BIG announcement on Friday.

So check back every day to see what new article or interview went up that day.  See you around the site.

Science Is At Hand by the River!

JHall from Daily Bread posed some cool pics on his blog today.  Some guys are working on a device that reels in rope, thereby letting them wakeboard without a boat.  There are also some guys working on a similar device that uses a bungee and the current of a river to do a similar thing.

To see the full story, you’ll have to go over and check out Daily Bread, but this picture got us excited.


SurfCoach USA: Sean Mattison (Extra Photos)

New article up about Sean Mattison and Surf Coach USA.  We had a lot of pictures, so here are some extra ones.

Costa Rica-worlds 059

Ian Cairns & Sean Mattison

Photo by Lance Smith

Lakey Ripping photo: Lance Smith

surfcoach 2 070

A Surf Coach USA Camp photo: Lance Smith

Surf Coach USA 2008 092

Kelly Slater Is A Surf Scientist

Some Of These Board Types Don't Even Have Names YetDid you see that double stringered surfboard with a carbon fiber strip that Kelly Slater was riding during the Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles?  Have you forgotten the 5’6″ board he showed up to at Gold Coast or how about that board last year at Pipe?  The moral of the story is, Kelly Slater is a Surf Scientist.

Being a scientist doesn’t necessarily mean you know everything, but it does mean that you make it your goal to find out.  Kelly Slater is one of the best surfers of all times.  He surfs smooth like butter and has a sixth sense about what waves are going to do, but his most recent challenge is finding new ways to ride and push the limits.

Surfline recently did an interview with Slater about the boards he’s riding and his plans for the future.  He’s doing everything from chopping off the front, to rethinking the stringer and flex properties and it sounds like he might have some ideas to allow surfers to be even closer to the water.

When the best in the world decided to mess around with the system, others will follow and maybe we’ll see some new designs start popping up.  After all, not every wave is good for a 6’2″ thruster or 9′ log.  So, Kelly Slater, we salute you, keep experimenting and keep us informed.

Your Daily Donkey

This is a great site for some funny wipe out shots and all around humor.  If ever you start to feel a bit agro about your surfing, the pictures of Your Daily Donkey are sure to help ease things up.  Here is one of my recent favorites.  Go check them out.

Ouch! Over the falls and under the lip
Ouch! Over the falls and under the lip

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