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More Surfboards Soon!

surfboard directoryWe’ve been busy reaching out to a whole bunch of surfboard shapers who want to get their boards listed in the SurfScience Board Rack.  Expect to see some new ones popping up soon.  From here on out we will have a direct line to shapers so that when they release new board models, we have the info up and ready to review right away.  And… we’ll be unveiling some new features to the board rack soon that will make it even easier to find a good surfboard and get it custom ordered, all from one site.  Yah, you know the name.

New Stickers In Now!

Surf Science Stickers

Pink, White and Blue Flavors

Ladies and gentlemen.  Fans of surfing and science alike.  Your wait is over.  We just got a new batch of stickers.  These ones are die-cut which means only the lettering is the sticker, the rest of it peels off once you stick it down.

We’re handing them out to all our friends, so you might be seeing them popping up in the near future.  If you do, give the driver a shaka.  Scientists unite!


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