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To The Lab For Testing – Indo Board Balance Trainer

indo board reviewThis weekend I met up with the guys from Indo Board to talk about their balance trainer.  We’re going to be doing a review of it an hopefully a few other indoor balance training products in the near future.  It is going to be similar to our best skateboards for surfing article we did last year.

A big part of surfing is staying in shape when the waves aren’t great.  Products like the indo board allow you to fine tune your balance and focus on certain areas. Continue reading ‘To The Lab For Testing – Indo Board Balance Trainer’

K-5 Stand Up Paddle Board Demo

greg kroleski SUP

I Tried Out A Few Racing SUPs

I swept.  That is a statement not many surfers would be eager to admit.  But at the K5 SUP Demo, my mind was officially blown.

Those of you that read my stuff at SurfScience know that I am a fairly open minded surfer.  I ride all sorts of boards and believe that there is a best fit for every wave/day and it isn’t always a standard shortboard or log.  So when I heard that K5, the surf shop I grew up in, was having a SUP demo, I realized that I would have to go, despite the little voice inside me that was laughing at the idea. Continue reading ‘K-5 Stand Up Paddle Board Demo’

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