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Point Break Live

Forgetting for a second the over the top cheeseyness and stereotypical portrayal of surfers and zen seeking stoners, Point Break is a classic.  The fact that it stars Patrick Swayze and a scene in which a surfer goes over the falls of Waimea Bay during the “fifty year storm”, its enough to get most of us through the Keanu Reeves dialog.

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I Got A Springsuit

greg kroleski wetsuit

Greg's New Shorty

Thanks to the guys at Xcel for hooking it up with a new spring suit.  Its that time of year when it seems warm enough to trunk it, but it never quite is.  This is my first spring suit in a while.  Lately I’ve been wearing full suits for too long and jumping straight to trunks.  Not this year. Continue reading ‘I Got A Springsuit’

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