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Stoked & Broke

Cyrus Sutton’s new surf flick Stoked & Broke played at the Lido Theater last week and to kick it off ALMOND hosted some tarp surfing.  Sounds like a night well spent.

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Surfboard Paint Job feat. Skyla

Skyla got a new paint job this week.  Plain white, she was my first board during the time in which I transitioned from longboarding to surfing whatever I could get my hands on.  The realization came as I watched 20ft+ waves hit the San Diego coast in December of 2007.  My log was useless out there.  I knew that in order to make the best of every break and to fully appreciate the diversity of surfing I would need to be able to ride all sorts of boards in many different styles.  Thats when I dropped from a 9’6″ that I had been riding for 10 years down to Skyla’s 6’6″.skyla-hybrid-surfboard Continue reading ‘Surfboard Paint Job feat. Skyla’

New Sticker

I got a new sticker made for the back of my truck this week.  Is it noticeable?

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My New Asymmetrical Surfboard

I started work on a new board last weekend.  Inspired by Carl Ekstrom (who we interviewed here) & Tim Bessell I decided to make an asymmetrical surfboard.

The benefit of an asym is that you get to ride one type of board on your front side and another on your toe side.  The trick is figuring out what two types you are going to blend together.

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daily stokeRecently a surf blog mentioned which led me to check it out.  Now I’m hooked. is just that, something to get stoked on every day.  From a funny picture, interview, video or whatever it may be, they scour the internet looking for something surfing related to show you.

daily stoke blog

A Typical Post - Short & Sweet

The posts are always quick and short and can give you that boost you need to make it to 5pm.  They’re currently working on building a surfing community, which should provide more daily stokeness and from the looks of it they’re going to be giving away some cool stuff like boardshorts, DVDs etc.  Anyways, I’m getting a kick out of it and thought you might to.

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