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Xanadu & T.Patterson Surfboards Added to Board Rack

We just got done adding another 50 boards the the Board Rack.  Xanadu Surfboards & T.Patterson surfboards are now live for review.  With each new shaper the Board Rack is one step closer to becoming a complete directory for rating, reviewing & researching surfboard models.  We’re excited to have these two latest shapers joining the list.

t patterson rising sun

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How I Keep Stoked In The Wintertime

This will probably turn into a full article but here are some preview pics.  In So Cal, after the time change it starts getting dark around 5pm.  I work until about 7pm so that means there is no chance of there being light when I’m off work.  However, after a long day, nothing is better to unwind to than a little stoke.

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C-Drive Fins Review

Recently the team from C-Drive fins asked SurfScience to take a look at their new surfboard fin technology.  The Australian based team has been working on the design for about 8 years now.  The goal of these fins is to create more drive, allowing surfers to gain speed and perform better high performance and aerial maneuvers.

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