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Why I Love The Frog House

why I love the Frog House

The Frog House of Newport Beach, CA

The Frog House is a surf shop in Newport Beach, CA.  Its basically one of my favorite places.

Its been around for years and the owner, TK, has kept it true to the roots of a core surf shop.  Most of the floor space is devoted to surfboards, with the rest going to wetsuits, skateboards, fins and DVDs.  They sell a few T-shirts but most of their sales come from products that are used “for surfing” as opposed to “for surfers.” Continue reading ‘Why I Love The Frog House’

Week Of Great Surf

This week we’ve had more good surf in So-Cal than we had in any month last year.  A lot of waves have been rolling in.


nice wave

One of the rights in La Jolla, CA

Continue reading ‘Week Of Great Surf’

Snowboarding For Surfers

greg kroleski snowboarding

I’m mainly a surfer.  When it comes to board sports, my TOB (time on board) breaks down to about: 60% surfboards, 20% longboard skateboards, 15% balance boards, 3% snowboards & 2% other boards.

This winter’s been pretty flat though, so I decided to join some buddies on a snowboarding trip to Lake Tahoe last week.  (Little did I know the one one swell that hits in the past two months would be during that week) Continue reading ‘Snowboarding For Surfers’

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