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Getting A Custom Painted Surfboard

greg-kroleski-surfboard-eagleA surfboard will perform the same regardless of its paint job.  But when your board looks sweet, you probably ride a bit better just because of the confidence boost.

There is no doubt about it, surfers love how their boards look.  Many surfboards sell because of sweet artwork.  Look at …Lost Surfboards.  Sure the boards are great, but would they be nearly as popular if it weren’t for the cool art on every board?

Even pop-out manufacturers are putting cool designs on their boards.

I took a look at the surfboards that are most viewed in the Board Rack and just like you might have guessed, the boards that look the coolest get the most clicks.  No one wants a plain white board. Continue reading ‘Getting A Custom Painted Surfboard’

Shape Your Own Surfboard

Have you ever wanted to shape your own surfboard?  I did, but thought it was going to cost a ton of money.  In fact, I didn’t even know where to get the tools and materials.  That problem has been solved.  Thanks to Foam E-Z, if you have a few hundred bucks and a free Saturday, you can make your own surfboard.

foam e-z surfboard supply shop

Continue reading ‘Shape Your Own Surfboard’

Surfboard Paint Job feat. Skyla

Skyla got a new paint job this week.  Plain white, she was my first board during the time in which I transitioned from longboarding to surfing whatever I could get my hands on.  The realization came as I watched 20ft+ waves hit the San Diego coast in December of 2007.  My log was useless out there.  I knew that in order to make the best of every break and to fully appreciate the diversity of surfing I would need to be able to ride all sorts of boards in many different styles.  Thats when I dropped from a 9’6″ that I had been riding for 10 years down to Skyla’s 6’6″.skyla-hybrid-surfboard Continue reading ‘Surfboard Paint Job feat. Skyla’

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