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Sacred Craft Spring 2011

Sacred Craft is happening this weekend in Santa Cruz, CA.  If you haven’t heard of the expo yet, what are you doing?  Its basically the premium place to geek out on surfboards.  There is one more day left, Sunday the 20th, so if you’re anywhere near Nor-Cal, make the journey.  Below are some things I enjoyed seeing today.

More info here – Sacred Craft Expo Website

Here is the crowd at the show.  A lot of people showed up.  As you can see, the building is 50% surfers and 50% surfboards.

sacred craft expo crowd

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Hurley Pro 2010

One of my favorite days of the year is the day I go out to the Trestles WCT event.  There is always good swell on hand for surfing Uppers and watching the pros at Lowers is inspiring.  I make a day of it.

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Stoked & Broke

Cyrus Sutton’s new surf flick Stoked & Broke played at the Lido Theater last week and to kick it off ALMOND hosted some tarp surfing.  Sounds like a night well spent.

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Sacred Craft – Fall 2010

Sacred Craft is the surfboard expo that happens twice a year somewhere in San Diego.  It is one the favorite weekends of the SurfScience team because it gives us an excuse to get together, catch some waves and check out the newest in surfboard technology, all in one day.

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US OPEN of Surfing 2010

The US OPEN of Surfing is one of the biggest surfing events in the world with over 100,000 people showing up to participate.  What is really cool is that happens to be a surfing competition going on at the same time on the South Side of HB pier…

I don’t know how I feel about this year’s mayhem.  Since I currently live right down the block from the pier, I am there a lot.  I was at the OPEN 4 or 5 times over the week and had a number of experiences.  Lets look at some:

Check Out That Crowd During The Weezer Show

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X Games with Team Vew-Do

This weekend I met up with the team riders from Vew-Do to talk about their balance trainer.  They are from Vermont, but happened to be in town for the X games.  We talked about the board, balance training, action sports and everything else.  Oh ya, and in the background guys were getting 50 feet of air.

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K-5 Stand Up Paddle Board Demo

greg kroleski SUP

I Tried Out A Few Racing SUPs

I swept.  That is a statement not many surfers would be eager to admit.  But at the K5 SUP Demo, my mind was officially blown.

Those of you that read my stuff at SurfScience know that I am a fairly open minded surfer.  I ride all sorts of boards and believe that there is a best fit for every wave/day and it isn’t always a standard shortboard or log.  So when I heard that K5, the surf shop I grew up in, was having a SUP demo, I realized that I would have to go, despite the little voice inside me that was laughing at the idea. Continue reading ‘K-5 Stand Up Paddle Board Demo’

Green Skate 2010 OC

April 24th, 2010 marked the 4th annual green skate event.  The long distance cruise falls on earth day weekend and serves as a way to bring together local longboarders and to encourage eco-friendly transportation.  The event started in 2007 in Calgary, Canada and has grown to include over 50 meet ups in 21 countries from around the globe.  More information can be found at

green skate 2010

The Green Skate 2010 OC Group

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Union Express Premiere at The Lido

Last night at the Lido theater in Newport Beach, Timmy Curran and crew premiered their new surf flick, Union Express.  The night included live music by Curran’s band along with a surfboard giveaway and the screening of the film.

line at the Lido Theater

The Line Outside The Lido

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Sacred Craft Spring 2010

This weekend marked the latest Sacred Craft Surfboard Expo, sacred craft spring 2010an event devoted to the love of surfboards.  This is the fourth event which is now running every six months at alternating locations.  It is a great way for surfers to get together, talk about surfboards, check out some of the latest technologies and participate in other fun surf-related activities. Continue reading ‘Sacred Craft Spring 2010’

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