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Happy 2nd Birthday Guys!

surfscience 2nd birthday

Yum! Thats the taste of a job well done.

This month marks the 2nd birthday of Its hard to believe that just two years ago, our little corner of the surfing-internet didn’t exist.

Where did people go to learn about surfboards?

Who interviewed shapers?

How did people find rating on the boards they wanted to buy?

I’m not sure… but then a few surfers from Orange County had an idea. We would learn everything we could about surfboards and share it with everyone who wanted to listen. was born and has been growing like a bean sprout ever since. We’ve had the pleasure of working with some awesome folks from the surfing community throughout the year and have gotten tons of fan mail from our grateful readers.


So happy birthday to everyone that’s been a part of this ride. I can’t wait to see what our terrible two’s hold in store.

What is All About?

It has been over two years since started.  Every so often we like to take a look at where things are and where they should be headed.  Today I’d like to share some of this process with you.

One of the big questions we ask ourselves is what areas of surfing we should focus our efforts on.  Should it be surfboard design?  Surfing tips?  Interviews? Product reviews?

We try to focus on things that are useful to the average surfer instead of talking about what the pro surfers are up to.  While that sort of celebrity stuff is great fun, we believe that you care more about things that will actually impact your surfing.  Things you can apply in the water tomorrow to surf better and have more fun.

I recently took a look at the words that appeared most recently on our site.  I ran a big crawl of our entire site and came up with the most used terms.  (Other than plain English terms)  Here is a nice keyword cloud to show what our focus has been so far.

surfscience keywords

What Has Been About So Far

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SurfScience Custom Search by Google

We just got done installing a new search function on our site. The custom search engine by Google will make it easy to find what you’re looking for on SurfScience.  Located at the top right of every page, the search bar is the best way to find what you want faster than a speeding Mick Fanning.

surfscience google custom search

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Q&A About “The Best Surfboards of 2011” Best Surfboards of 2011 just released our newest feature, “The Best Surfboards of 2011.”  This new section of our site pulls data from every surfboard model’s ratings to rank the top surfboards of each category.

This is the first time anyone has done a feature like this using 100% user ratings, so we’re stoked to be able to release it.  Of course, like everything new, there are a lot of questions from surfboard shapers, surfers and industry folk.

I’m going to take a minute here to answer some questions I’ve been emailed in the past week.

Q: How do you calculate the rankings?

A: In our top secret laboratory we have an army of one thousand monkeys with abacuses running complex calculations.  First they look at the performance rankings of each board, taking into account overall score as well as: paddling, maneuverability, stability and speed.  They then look at things like popularity; how often is the board viewed, ranked and commented on.  Finally, they look for consistency in rankings, if a board has a lot of really high rankings and a lot of low rankings, it shows us that there might be something fishy, where as if a board is consistently ranked a 7 or 8, we know that is accurate.

Its a fairly complex equation that results in a new number we call the “SurfScience Score” or “SS Score”  This new number will be appearing around the site more and will be a new way to compare surfboards. Continue reading ‘Q&A About “The Best Surfboards of 2011”’

New eBook By SurfScience

surfing mistakes guideThe team at recently released our guide Ten Surfing Mistakes You Can Avoid!.  This project came together with help from pro surfers, shapers and coaches from around the world.

We are pretty excited about the presentation.  It is written in a similar style to our website content, focusing on organizing and explaining concepts so every surfer can understand them.  The cool thing about this guide is it contains about 10 times as much information as one of our normal articles. Continue reading ‘New eBook By SurfScience’

Xanadu & T.Patterson Surfboards Added to Board Rack

We just got done adding another 50 boards the the Board Rack.  Xanadu Surfboards & T.Patterson surfboards are now live for review.  With each new shaper the Board Rack is one step closer to becoming a complete directory for rating, reviewing & researching surfboard models.  We’re excited to have these two latest shapers joining the list.

t patterson rising sun

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Happy Halloween From

It is Halloween which mean I get to get out my old Ninja Turtles costume and once again become Raphael for a night.  Though I wear it more than once a year, Halloween is the only night I don’t get strange looks for it.

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New Sticker

I got a new sticker made for the back of my truck this week.  Is it noticeable?

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Happy Birthday

This week marks the 1st Birthday of  The site originally launched on August 1st, 2009 and has come a long way since then.  What originally started as a way for a few friends to catalog everything they learned about surfboards is now an in depth resource for surfers who want to improve their surfing.

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Why You Shouldn’t… & Why You Should… Series on

don't shortboard

Why You Shouldn't...

We just published an article on the main site that is sure to turn a few heads.  Our “Why You Shouldn’t Shortboard” article will be the first in a series of articles about why you should an should not ride each of the different types of surfboards.

The whole series will be filled with a bit of humor but point out some of the serious weaknesses each board type has.  Our hope is that after reading all of the articles, surfers will be able to better judge what type of board to take out surfing.

After doing a series of “Why You Shouldn’t …” we will follow it up with a “Why You Should…” series, where we point out the advantages of each of the types of surfboards.

Thats what we’re all about at SurfScience, making the best decision to get the most stoke out of the limited time we have to surf.  Everyone on our team has a few different board shapes from shortboard to hybrid to longboard and even some funky stuff like alaias.  Heck, we have one guy that won’t ride any board made after 1975.

We hope you enjoy the read, have a laugh and hopefully it will at least challenge your board decision a bit and help you ride boards that are more enjoyable when the conditions dictate.

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