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Sacred Craft Spring 2011

Sacred Craft is happening this weekend in Santa Cruz, CA.  If you haven’t heard of the expo yet, what are you doing?  Its basically the premium place to geek out on surfboards.  There is one more day left, Sunday the 20th, so if you’re anywhere near Nor-Cal, make the journey.  Below are some things I enjoyed seeing today.

More info here – Sacred Craft Expo Website

Here is the crowd at the show.  A lot of people showed up.  As you can see, the building is 50% surfers and 50% surfboards.

sacred craft expo crowd

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Q&A About “The Best Surfboards of 2011” Best Surfboards of 2011 just released our newest feature, “The Best Surfboards of 2011.”  This new section of our site pulls data from every surfboard model’s ratings to rank the top surfboards of each category.

This is the first time anyone has done a feature like this using 100% user ratings, so we’re stoked to be able to release it.  Of course, like everything new, there are a lot of questions from surfboard shapers, surfers and industry folk.

I’m going to take a minute here to answer some questions I’ve been emailed in the past week.

Q: How do you calculate the rankings?

A: In our top secret laboratory we have an army of one thousand monkeys with abacuses running complex calculations.  First they look at the performance rankings of each board, taking into account overall score as well as: paddling, maneuverability, stability and speed.  They then look at things like popularity; how often is the board viewed, ranked and commented on.  Finally, they look for consistency in rankings, if a board has a lot of really high rankings and a lot of low rankings, it shows us that there might be something fishy, where as if a board is consistently ranked a 7 or 8, we know that is accurate.

Its a fairly complex equation that results in a new number we call the “SurfScience Score” or “SS Score”  This new number will be appearing around the site more and will be a new way to compare surfboards. Continue reading ‘Q&A About “The Best Surfboards of 2011”’

Surf Forecasting with Solspot

solspotAs a surfer, knowing when waves are going to hit is important.  Really important.

I remember when I first started surfing, I would just go to the beach whenever I could get a ride.  Sometimes there would be waves, other times there weren’t.  Eventually I figured out to check the surf forecast first, which greatly reduced the number of days I got skunked.

Now, some 15 years later, I’m much busier and have to make the most of small windows of free time.  I can usually only free an hour or two to surf a day so it better count.  After making sure there are going to be waves, I’ve got to check things like: swell direction to pick a break, tide to pick a time, wind conditions to see if its even going to work.  (Let alone what the sandbars have been doing this season.)  Then there are crowds, traffic, parking and all sorts of other things to take into account. Continue reading ‘Surf Forecasting with Solspot’

Why I Love The Frog House

why I love the Frog House

The Frog House of Newport Beach, CA

The Frog House is a surf shop in Newport Beach, CA.  Its basically one of my favorite places.

Its been around for years and the owner, TK, has kept it true to the roots of a core surf shop.  Most of the floor space is devoted to surfboards, with the rest going to wetsuits, skateboards, fins and DVDs.  They sell a few T-shirts but most of their sales come from products that are used “for surfing” as opposed to “for surfers.” Continue reading ‘Why I Love The Frog House’

Week Of Great Surf

This week we’ve had more good surf in So-Cal than we had in any month last year.  A lot of waves have been rolling in.


nice wave

One of the rights in La Jolla, CA

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Snowboarding For Surfers

greg kroleski snowboarding

I’m mainly a surfer.  When it comes to board sports, my TOB (time on board) breaks down to about: 60% surfboards, 20% longboard skateboards, 15% balance boards, 3% snowboards & 2% other boards.

This winter’s been pretty flat though, so I decided to join some buddies on a snowboarding trip to Lake Tahoe last week.  (Little did I know the one one swell that hits in the past two months would be during that week) Continue reading ‘Snowboarding For Surfers’

Merry Christmas!

greg kroleski christmasMerry Christmas everyone.  Thanks for reading my blog.

A special thanks to everyone that helped by sharing their expertise with SurfScience.  Tim Bessell, Bert Burger, Mark Richards,  Indo Board, C-Drive Fins, Martin Dunn, Hydroflex Surfboards, NoHo, Goofboard, Todd Proctor, Surf Zone, Dave Allee, Daniel Thomson, Vew-Do, and so many more.

Here’s to a new year filled with more great info on surfboards, surfing and waves.

See you in 2011!

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