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Why I Love The Frog House

why I love the Frog House

The Frog House of Newport Beach, CA

The Frog House is a surf shop in Newport Beach, CA.  Its basically one of my favorite places.

Its been around for years and the owner, TK, has kept it true to the roots of a core surf shop.  Most of the floor space is devoted to surfboards, with the rest going to wetsuits, skateboards, fins and DVDs.  They sell a few T-shirts but most of their sales come from products that are used “for surfing” as opposed to “for surfers.” Continue reading ‘Why I Love The Frog House’

Week Of Great Surf

This week we’ve had more good surf in So-Cal than we had in any month last year.  A lot of waves have been rolling in.


nice wave

One of the rights in La Jolla, CA

Continue reading ‘Week Of Great Surf’

Snowboarding For Surfers

greg kroleski snowboarding

I’m mainly a surfer.  When it comes to board sports, my TOB (time on board) breaks down to about: 60% surfboards, 20% longboard skateboards, 15% balance boards, 3% snowboards & 2% other boards.

This winter’s been pretty flat though, so I decided to join some buddies on a snowboarding trip to Lake Tahoe last week.  (Little did I know the one one swell that hits in the past two months would be during that week) Continue reading ‘Snowboarding For Surfers’

Merry Christmas!

greg kroleski christmasMerry Christmas everyone.  Thanks for reading my blog.

A special thanks to everyone that helped by sharing their expertise with SurfScience.  Tim Bessell, Bert Burger, Mark Richards,  Indo Board, C-Drive Fins, Martin Dunn, Hydroflex Surfboards, NoHo, Goofboard, Todd Proctor, Surf Zone, Dave Allee, Daniel Thomson, Vew-Do, and so many more.

Here’s to a new year filled with more great info on surfboards, surfing and waves.

See you in 2011!

New eBook By SurfScience

surfing mistakes guideThe team at recently released our guide Ten Surfing Mistakes You Can Avoid!.  This project came together with help from pro surfers, shapers and coaches from around the world.

We are pretty excited about the presentation.  It is written in a similar style to our website content, focusing on organizing and explaining concepts so every surfer can understand them.  The cool thing about this guide is it contains about 10 times as much information as one of our normal articles. Continue reading ‘New eBook By SurfScience’

Flat, Cold & Rainy


Xanadu & T.Patterson Surfboards Added to Board Rack

We just got done adding another 50 boards the the Board Rack.  Xanadu Surfboards & T.Patterson surfboards are now live for review.  With each new shaper the Board Rack is one step closer to becoming a complete directory for rating, reviewing & researching surfboard models.  We’re excited to have these two latest shapers joining the list.

t patterson rising sun

Continue reading ‘Xanadu & T.Patterson Surfboards Added to Board Rack’

How I Keep Stoked In The Wintertime

This will probably turn into a full article but here are some preview pics.  In So Cal, after the time change it starts getting dark around 5pm.  I work until about 7pm so that means there is no chance of there being light when I’m off work.  However, after a long day, nothing is better to unwind to than a little stoke.

night surfing Continue reading ‘How I Keep Stoked In The Wintertime’

C-Drive Fins Review

Recently the team from C-Drive fins asked SurfScience to take a look at their new surfboard fin technology.  The Australian based team has been working on the design for about 8 years now.  The goal of these fins is to create more drive, allowing surfers to gain speed and perform better high performance and aerial maneuvers.

c drive surfboard fins Continue reading ‘C-Drive Fins Review’

Happy Halloween From

It is Halloween which mean I get to get out my old Ninja Turtles costume and once again become Raphael for a night.  Though I wear it more than once a year, Halloween is the only night I don’t get strange looks for it.

surfing endless summer pumpkin Continue reading ‘Happy Halloween From’

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