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See you in the lineup – Greg Kroleski signing out

Hey surfers & fans of – I have some news that is both exciting & a little sad. After three wonderful years I’m hanging up my SurfScience hat and heading on to new projects.

I have LOVED being a part of this community growing into what it is today and am so appreciative for all of the awesome people that have helped along the way. I’ve gotten a chance to sit down and talk with tons of great folks who’s brains are libraries of surfing know-how. It has been my pleasure to help gather that information and try to present it to all of our online readers.

While at SurfScience I was able to help out in many aspects – from marketing to product design and algorithm planning, but one of my favorite parts was writing articles for all of you. A  few of my favorites include:

Indo Board Workouts for Surfers

April Fools 2010 – California Surfbaord Permits

How to Choose the Best Surfboard for Your Waves

I’m excited to see how SurfScience continues to grow and what new projects the rest of the team puts into action. There are a lot of cool ideas in the works!

So, farewell from the digital world, next time I see you will be out in the lineup – catching waves and yew-ing all the way to the shore!

Surf Scientist for Life,

Greg Kroleski

Apple, I Think You Owe Surfing Some $$$ (Also Thanks for Making iOS5)

Most of the time my blog posts are about exciting things in the world of surfing, but today I have a bone to pick. That bone is with Apple Computers, who I feel is a bit out of line.

Let me start by saying, I like Apple. I think they are a great company doing great things and making very cool computers. This post is mostly in jest, but… seriously, there are a TON of surfing pictures on Apple’s website and someone needs to call them out for not having any relation to the sport or culture of surfing.

Background Info: Yesterday Steve Jobs announced a bunch of cool stuff that Apple will be releasing soon including, iCloud, OSX Lion and iOS5. Very exciting things for lots of fan boys everywhere.

While I was checking out their site I noticed a picture of a surfer. Sweet I thought, a surfer.

apple computers surfing

"Oh sweet, a surfer"

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Getting A Custom Painted Surfboard

greg-kroleski-surfboard-eagleA surfboard will perform the same regardless of its paint job.  But when your board looks sweet, you probably ride a bit better just because of the confidence boost.

There is no doubt about it, surfers love how their boards look.  Many surfboards sell because of sweet artwork.  Look at …Lost Surfboards.  Sure the boards are great, but would they be nearly as popular if it weren’t for the cool art on every board?

Even pop-out manufacturers are putting cool designs on their boards.

I took a look at the surfboards that are most viewed in the Board Rack and just like you might have guessed, the boards that look the coolest get the most clicks.  No one wants a plain white board. Continue reading ‘Getting A Custom Painted Surfboard’

Q&A About “The Best Surfboards of 2011” Best Surfboards of 2011 just released our newest feature, “The Best Surfboards of 2011.”  This new section of our site pulls data from every surfboard model’s ratings to rank the top surfboards of each category.

This is the first time anyone has done a feature like this using 100% user ratings, so we’re stoked to be able to release it.  Of course, like everything new, there are a lot of questions from surfboard shapers, surfers and industry folk.

I’m going to take a minute here to answer some questions I’ve been emailed in the past week.

Q: How do you calculate the rankings?

A: In our top secret laboratory we have an army of one thousand monkeys with abacuses running complex calculations.  First they look at the performance rankings of each board, taking into account overall score as well as: paddling, maneuverability, stability and speed.  They then look at things like popularity; how often is the board viewed, ranked and commented on.  Finally, they look for consistency in rankings, if a board has a lot of really high rankings and a lot of low rankings, it shows us that there might be something fishy, where as if a board is consistently ranked a 7 or 8, we know that is accurate.

Its a fairly complex equation that results in a new number we call the “SurfScience Score” or “SS Score”  This new number will be appearing around the site more and will be a new way to compare surfboards. Continue reading ‘Q&A About “The Best Surfboards of 2011”’

Why I Love The Frog House

why I love the Frog House

The Frog House of Newport Beach, CA

The Frog House is a surf shop in Newport Beach, CA.  Its basically one of my favorite places.

Its been around for years and the owner, TK, has kept it true to the roots of a core surf shop.  Most of the floor space is devoted to surfboards, with the rest going to wetsuits, skateboards, fins and DVDs.  They sell a few T-shirts but most of their sales come from products that are used “for surfing” as opposed to “for surfers.” Continue reading ‘Why I Love The Frog House’

Week Of Great Surf

This week we’ve had more good surf in So-Cal than we had in any month last year.  A lot of waves have been rolling in.


nice wave

One of the rights in La Jolla, CA

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Flat, Cold & Rainy


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